Obrempong Collection

Obrempong is Akan for "a worthy person"

Here's what our customers say

”Living in Abidjan I came accross Hero bowties and I liked the items. I talked with John - the manager - and I ordered my first bowtie which arrives in Abidjan within a short notice. The price and transportation to Abidjan are quite affordable! The bowtie is exactly what I saw in the picture and I could appreciate the great work. I even ordered one more bowtie for a wedding. It was so appreciated that I have been asked where to by the same. Thank you John for the great and well-done work!”

- Jean-Philippe Boni

”Their products are good quality and their customer service is good.”

- Paul Agape

”The necktie looks great on hubby. Thank you Herobowties. It was nice working with you.”

- Fiankobea Sakyiama